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Hanna Review

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Hanna I have been waiting to see Hanna.  It looked so good from the trailers.  Not saying it is bad, really liked it.  Has some really cool thing going on.  Visually it looks great.  Has some awesome characters.  Have to say it one of the most different but awesome soundtracks.  The let down was the story.  Has a good start but the ending falls a bit flat.  How ever after thinking about it.  The very ending of the movie does make senses.  If do watching it I  think you will get the ending if you think about it.

A very cool action/chase movie.  Has one of the coolest soundtracks I have every heard. Going to look into finding more about the soundtrack, it was that good.  The story does fall a bit in places.   It is a very strong rent.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)