Driver: San Francisco Demo

DriverSF Gave the Driver: San Francisco demo a try.  The big hook with this game is you can “shift”.  Not shifting gears but shifting from person to person.  You will be driving in your car then shift to another driver to take over their car.  In the demo you can try three missions that show this off.  Prove It: has you try to prove to your partner that you have this ability.  Team Colors: has you racing in two cars to get first and second place in a race.  Escapist:  you are running from the cops to get some guy to his destinations.

Graphically the game is awesome looks.  It has real life cars that look all most real.  The city is big with lots of places to drive. (only a small part in the demo).  What I didn’t like was the controls and it has time limits.  On of my biggest video game pet peeves are time limits.  The game does look promising but I don’t think it will be a buy.  With so many other good games coming out.  This one might be lost in the shuffle.

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