Cowboys & Aliens Graphic Novel Review

CowboysAliens Like a movies now a days, Cowboys & Aliens is based off of graphic novel.  Was in Wal-mart a few days ago.  Walked past there book section and saw the Cowboys & Aliens graphic novel there.  Picked it up and flipped through debating if is should buy it or not.  The back sticker said $15.99.  That seemed a bit steep, so took it to one of the scanners and it read $9.59.  What is much better, so I bought it.

Well to say it was a waste of my money would be a bit harsh.  The writing was bad, it didn’t flow from page to page.  Seemed like there was stuff missing.  All so the drawings were not very good.  Feel bad for people that paid full price.  If you are thinking about buy this do not bother.

2 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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