Cape Breton Bikefest 2011 Pictures

It is day three of the 2011 Cape Breton Bikefest.  The rain had stopped so there were a lot a bikes out.   Looked like a lot more than last year.  Got to see the World Famous Wall of Death.  Lucked out there and got the last ticket for that showing.  It was pretty cool.  The main guy was funny, put on a good show.  There were two other guys there as well.  One was just a kid, 15 years old.  The best part was he got a lady to fold a five dollar bill, put it in her mouth then lean over the side.  He was going to ride up on the wall and take the money.  He missed a few tries, then got it but ended up dropping it.   While he was still riding the wall he got another bill and tossed it back at her to try again.  So he did it again.  Getting it the first try.

Walked around for a bit looking at the bikes taking a few pictures.  It was all most time for the burnouts.  Went down to pick out a spot.  Watched the safety training demo guys for a bit.   They were done, picked up their stuff.   No sign of any one for doing some burnouts.  Waited some more.  Then gave up.  Was disappointed, had a camera and video camera ready to go.  I guess will have to wait to next year.  All so disappointed that there was no stunt show either.





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