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DiRT 3 Patch

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A patch is now out for the PS3 version of DiRT 3.  I do believe it has been out for the Xbox for a little while now.  Was looking at the list of fixes (below).  It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be.  Pretty unexciting stuff.  Oh well it will make some people happy.



  • LAN multiplayer functionality has now been added.
  • Graphical abnormalities with the YouTube UI have been fixed.
  • The description for the mission ‘Buried Large Pipes’ has been corrected
  • UI elements are no longer incorrectly displayed in Gymkhana.
  • Reset line corrections to prevent potential ‘out of world’ or ‘driving into crowd’ issues on several tracks
  • Various game hangs and soft-locks have now been resolved.
  • Prevented engine audio incorrectly continuing to play in multiplayer events
  • Steering wheel no longer jolts to the left in the race reward screen
  • Fixed a multiplayer spectator issue which would prevent camera rotation around a watched vehicle in chase cam
  • Corrected various spelling mistakes across all language