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Defiance Review

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Defiance Got around to watching Defiance today.  Was planning to watch this long ago but never did.  Was a bit disappointed not because it wasn’t any good.  It just dragged in spots.  It is based on a real events. Seeing a different side of World War II is very nice to see.  Most war movie are based around the battle.  There are some battles in this but that is not what this story is about.  It is about how brothers saved all kinds of people by hiding in the woods for years.  Fighting and moving to new places.  It is very interesting but know you might see how it drags in spots.

This is a great true story showing a different size to the war.  If you are looking for an action movie look else were.  It does drag in spots but doesn’t make it work seeing.

3 out of of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)