Free Realms

Back in April when Free Realms came out on the PSN I tried to give it a try but it didn’t work.  So last night decided to give it one more try.  The game download pretty quick and had a character made pretty fast as well.  Started to play had no idea what to do.  Found a quest, started to do that.  Like most games like this they say go here and do this, then came back.  Did all that then sent me on a different one.  While I was working on the one the game stopped saying something like discounted from the server.  This was about 20 mins in.   Game loaded up again.  It left my character in the same spot when it went down.  That was fine.  Started to move and time out again.  So I said, fuck this noise and shut it off.  Will try one more time later.  If it does it again, just going to delete it.  Not worth my time.

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