Sucker Punch Review

SuckerPunch Was looking forward to seeing Sucker Punch because it looked very cool and Zack Snyder was behind it.  Really like his other movies.  Well I was disappointed.  While there are lots of killer action scenes that are just pure awesome.  The rest just falls flat.  The begin was confusing a bit.  It makes a be more scents a little bit more as the movie goes along.  Next the awesome action stuff is great.  The soundtrack is pretty sweet.  That being said it seems to turn some the scenes into a music videos.  Then the ending which was lame.

Wanted this to be a cool movie.  Well it is a pass.  While there are some cool things in it they just don’t make it worth watching.  A rent if there is nothing else.

2 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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