Online Gaming

This is a bit of a rant why I hate online gaming.  In theory it sounds fun but 9 times out of 10 it is not.  I really don’t care if I losses a game online.  Just there to have fun.  Well a few days ago decided to give DiRT 3 ago online.  Did some rally races and it was fine.  The next day decided to give it a go again.  Joined a rally race but the guy changed the settings to a different type of race.  Was thinking here we go.  This is going to be pain.  Sure enough, some of the players just smash into me making me crash.  Didn’t really care since I knew it would happen.  Kept playing a few more races.  They the same thing happened again and again.  They I get a message from someone calling me a “amateur fuck”.  Had a good laugh at that.  Not sure why, didn’t crash into any one and lost every race.  That is one reasons why I hate online gaming.

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