DiRT 3 Hands On

Got my copy of DiRT 3 today (May 24, 2011).  Went over to Wal-mart on my lunch break just to see if they had it out yet.  They did, was surprised at that.  I remember trying to get a copy of DiRT 2 when that came out.  Went all over town to find a copy.  Waiting for the game to install before I give it a go.  The game comes with a VIP Pass.  To play online you have to go to a website put in the code. That will give you a PSN code to enter on the PS3.  Which is stupid.  I know they are trying to make money of people buy used copies.  It is $10 if you didn’t a VIP pass.  It does give you five exclusive vehicles and yet you upload clips to YouTube.  With the Playstation store still down there will be not much online play going on.

Gave the first race in tour mode just before supper.  Left all the setting on default.  I think I will have to change them up because it was too easy.  All I had to do was hold the gas on and steer.  The game did all the breaking.  It does let you change all the assists so I will have to try the different ones out.  The game is beautiful looking and the menu screens are just as cool as the past two games.  Time to play some more.

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