Smallville Season 10 Review

Just finished watching the very last episode ever of Smallville.  Being the last season of the show it pulled off some great stuff.  Also bring closure to the stories lines they have been building.  But all so leaving them open to how we know Superman to be.  Going to say the way the show ended was great.  It has be the best ending I have seen to any series.   Another thing I like about this last show was how the wove a retrospective of the past seasons in.  It was really we done.   I know some people are complaining about that there was no “big” fright at the end.  I knew that wasn’t going to happen and they should have know to.  Last episode was about Clark becoming Superman.   Punching someone out is not all that super in my opinion.

Am a bit sad that the show is done.  It has been a great run.  Not a lot of shows last ten seasons.  Will have to go back and watch the first few seasons since I have never seen them.  Didn’t get into the show until about season three or four.  I know in the States they are releasing a complete boxset.  Not sure when it will be available here in Canada.  When it does just might pick it up.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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