Not Happy

About three weeks ago I ordered a new back tire for my 2006 Yamaha XT 225 from the local motorcycle shop.  Told them my bike inspection is up in May and will be in then to have that done and the tire put on.  They were fine with that.  Last Saturday I called up to make an appointment to have this done.  The appointment was for today (May 10, 2011) at 9am.  I get there, do all the necessary paper work then sit down to wait.  About 15 minutes later the guy calls me over and says we ordered the wrong size tire. They say, they will order a new one and it will be here by the end of the week.  Also they will keep the work order open and they will fit me right then when it does come in.  They say they are going to call me when it does come it.  Don’t think that is going to happen.  So I will call them Friday from work and see if they hold up there end.   Not to happy.

One Response to “Not Happy”

  1. […] they ordered the wrong size.  You can read about that mess up in the post I made on Tuesday > here.   Hope this tire lasts because it doesn’t look like a good one.  It was much cheaper than the […]

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