GoPro HD Hero 960

Picked up a GoPro HD Hero 960 yesterday (March 25, 2011).  I have been eyeballing one of these for awhile now.  Gave it a try today.  Made a small video (Being uploaded to YouTube, will posted it tomorrow).  It turned out all right.  All so picked up the Roll Bar Mount for it.  Once I get my motorcycle on the go.  I am sure I will get all kinds of good video.  Since that is what these cameras are designed for.

2 Responses to “GoPro HD Hero 960”

  1. GoPro HD Hero 960 Says:

    Thanks for the nice pics of the camera! Did you get the motorcycle mounts set up? How did the HD Hero do with them?

    I was wondering how the camera would do with vibration of the bike.

    Thanks for the post!

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