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Killzone 3 Demo

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Killzone3 Gave the new single player demo of Killzone 3 a try last night.  I do own Killzone 2 and the controls in part three are much better, a lot smoother.  The game looks great, sounds great.  The demo is pretty long as well.  They give you lots of different weapons to try out.  They all so look great and sound awesome.  Like part two it seems like the bad guys take a lot to put down even when I was playing on the easy mode.

I did try the multiplayer beta.  Should rephrase that I try to get the multiplayer beta to work.  Try two different time to log in and see what it was like but couldn’t get in.  One good thing was they have a bot mode.  Gave that a try.  It works pretty much like part two’s multiplayer.  The game keeps going switching between the different modes as one team wins each round.

Not sure if I will pick this one up.  Might just wait till it comes down in price.  I know it will be a great game.  Just not sure how long it I would keep playing it.

Survivor: Redemption Island

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SurvivorRedemptionIsland The 22 season of Survivor called Redemption Island started last night (Feb 16, 2011).  It was a great first show.  With Rob and Russell back, on different teams made it interesting.  All kinds of good stuff happened one lady found the hidden idol with out any clues.  Just like Russell did in his first season.  A guy named Phillip seems to be missing a few bricks but very funny to watch.  With the Redemption Island thing coming to play should make for a great season.

Batman: Arkham City Pictures

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There are four new screenshots out for Batman: Arkham City.  The game is a long while from being out.  They say fall 2011.  So looking forward to checking it out.  The first one was so good.  They have lots of time to make this one even better.  They are doing something cool.  DC are putting out a six issue comic book miniseries that bridge the gap between the two game.  They will start coming out in May.  Just might check them out as well.

Unstoppable Review

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Unstoppable When Unstoppable first came out in theatres I thought this looks interesting but I will wait till it comes out on DVD.  I am glad I did.  Not saying it is a bad movie.  Just for and “action” movie it wasn’t every “actionish”.   It has all the standard plot points in a chase/action movie.  Just nothing cool really happens.  The stuff that does is nothing new.  I think to make up for it being some what boring they used a lot and I mean a lot of sweeping the camera buy really fast.  Even in talking scenes, trying to make it more dramatic.  Gets hard on the head after a while.

Not sure how to rate this movie.  It looks great.  Not all the acting was high end.  Not a bad movie, not great.  Just for an action movie it kind of boring.  May be a rent but only if another movie you want to see is out.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Test Drive Unlimited 2

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Got my hands on Test Drive Unlimited 2 today.  Planed to get it last week when it came out but couldn’t find it any were.  So today just for the hell of it went to Wal-mart to check and sure enough it was there.  On the cover it has a sticker saying “Canadian Retail Exclusive: Caterham Superlight R500”.  Which is cool.  But there is some thing funny under that, “While supplies last”.   Not sure if the mean while the first print run the of the game or they are only giving out so many downloads.  Any who need to finish typing this so I can give the game a go.

Cape Breton Bikefest: Thunder Glide

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The 2011 Cape Breton Bikefest will take place July 29 to August 1, 2011.  This year the bike you can buy tickets on to win is called the Thunder Glide.  They unveiled at the Atlantic Motorcycle & ATV Show.   It looks pretty slick.  Don’t have any info the bike yet.  But I am sure there will be info on the bike soon.  The pictures below are from the Bikefest Facebook page.

Paranormal Activity 2 Review

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ParanormalActivity2 After watching Paranormal Activity 2 felt like I should just copy and past my review of Paranormal Activity.  The story from the two movies interaction with each other nicely. They take place around the same time with new characters and with the two from the first movie.  All thou part two has new people it is still the same plot.  Just like the first one nothing really happens for the first hour.  Then in the last half hour all the good “scary/freaky” stuff happens.   Then its all over.

It is a nice way to make a sequel.  How ever if you seen the first one they are pretty much the same.  The main points of the plot are pretty much the same.  That being said if you seen the first one you should check this one out.  Just to see how the stories interact.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

X-Men: First Class Trailer

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X-Men_First_Class_poster Seen the trailer of X-Men: First Class last night on AOTS.  This movie looks really good.  Think this is a great way to reboot the X-Men movies.  This summer is going to see all kinds of superhero movies.  If they are all as good as this one looks it will be a great summer for movies.


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Shenanigans T-Shirt

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ShenanigansWeb Have been declaring shenanigans at work a lot.  So I decided to make a t-shirt with it written on it.   Told people at work I should make a shirt.  They thought it would be a funny but didn’t think I would do it.  When I showed up for work today and showed them.  They busted a gut.   Told them I am thinking about making a pair of underwear.  That got a even bigger laugh.

DiRT 3 Preview

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There was a hands on preview of DiRT 3 on X-Play yesterday.  I missed it.  How ever it is up on the G4 website now.  For an “hands on preview” they didn’t really tell us any new info.  There was some new footage but most of it all ready out.  But any way check out the video below if you are interested.  The game will be out May 24, 2011.

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