Unstoppable Review

Unstoppable When Unstoppable first came out in theatres I thought this looks interesting but I will wait till it comes out on DVD.  I am glad I did.  Not saying it is a bad movie.  Just for and “action” movie it wasn’t every “actionish”.   It has all the standard plot points in a chase/action movie.  Just nothing cool really happens.  The stuff that does is nothing new.  I think to make up for it being some what boring they used a lot and I mean a lot of sweeping the camera buy really fast.  Even in talking scenes, trying to make it more dramatic.  Gets hard on the head after a while.

Not sure how to rate this movie.  It looks great.  Not all the acting was high end.  Not a bad movie, not great.  Just for an action movie it kind of boring.  May be a rent but only if another movie you want to see is out.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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