Paranormal Activity 2 Review

ParanormalActivity2 After watching Paranormal Activity 2 felt like I should just copy and past my review of Paranormal Activity.  The story from the two movies interaction with each other nicely. They take place around the same time with new characters and with the two from the first movie.  All thou part two has new people it is still the same plot.  Just like the first one nothing really happens for the first hour.  Then in the last half hour all the good “scary/freaky” stuff happens.   Then its all over.

It is a nice way to make a sequel.  How ever if you seen the first one they are pretty much the same.  The main points of the plot are pretty much the same.  That being said if you seen the first one you should check this one out.  Just to see how the stories interact.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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