2011 Royal Rumble

RoyalRumble2011 Got to check out WWE’s 2011 Royal Rumble.  I’ll start off saying I have not watched wrestling in a long time.  So I have know idea what the storylines are and who all the new people are.  There were three matches before the Royal Rumble didn’t really bother watching them just wanted to see the rumble.  This year the switched things up, they had 40 instead of 30 participates.  This years had some great stuff happen.  That is what makes it fun to watch.  Some of favourite are (don’t read if you don’t like spoilers).   One is John Morrison was knocked out of the ring.  He landed on the guard rail, but his feet didn’t hit the floor.  He climb on top of the rail, walked along then jumped on the the stairs.  He was back in the match.  The second is when Booker T came out.  The place went nuts.  He knocked a few guys around then did the Spin-a-Roonie. The last one is when Diesel came out the place went nuts again.  He was kicking butt.  The whole crowed was with him.  This was then they were the loudest, yelling Diesel over and over again.  Then a giant boo when he was eliminated.   They were the best parts of the rumble in my opinion.

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