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On Any Sunday

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OnAnySunday Flipping though the TV channels yesterday.  Got to the documentary one.  Looked at the info, read the word motorcycle so I clicked it. It was called On Any Sunday.  Missed the first of it.  After a few minutes I was thinking this has to be super old just by the look of the film and the bikes.   I was right it was made back in 1971.  That being said it is still an interesting watch.  What is great is it talks about more than one type of motorcycle racing.  Also show more than one brand of bike.  Another selling point Steve McQueen is featured as well.  Get to see him in some races.

Didn’t get to see the whole thing.  Did a search and thanks to an YouTube (ElSnorro1) user you can check it out.  It broken up into nine parts.  Plan to watch the whole thing now.  Posting the first part below.  My guess you will be able to watch the by fallowing the links at the end of each part.

Vodpod videos no longer available.