Paranormal Activity Review

ParanormalActivity I know that Paranormal Activity came out a year ago but I didn’t see it until today.  The second one was just released in theatres so I decided to check out the first one.   I didn’t buy into to the hype around this movie then it first came out.  They were saying it was scaring people so much they were walking out.

When it I first started watching I was board.  I know most “scary” movies like to build up for the big scares for the end.  The good stuff didn’t happen till over an hour in.   The paranormal stuff is done very well.  But the lead actress makes if awesome.  When she is scarred or scream it feels so real.  It was she was really freaked out in real life.  However the in between acting is hit or miss.  So times they feel like they are a real couple then not.

Have to say this is a very good “scary” movie if you can stick with it to the end.  Takes a long time to build up but the end paranormal activity makes the movie.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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