I picked up DeathSpank the other day.  Well I should say I download it the other day.  Used a PSN card to buy it.  Looked every were for a card and could not find one.  Had to got to Future Shop to get one.

Loved the demo that much I had to buy the full game.  This game is a blast to play.  It is a light action RPG mixed with some hack and slash.  It easy to pick up and play but has puzzles that will get you thinking.  They give you hints by finding fortune cookies.  Have only used one so far.  The game is all so very funny.  The stuff the people say will crack you up.  Even the missions can be pretty funny as well.  I think I put a little over an hour into and love very second of it.  I would recommend this game to every one.  Will have a full review at some point.

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