Mafia II Demo

20909Hotspot-SingStar-80:Layout 1 Gave the Mafia 2 demo a try.  This is an open world game were you play as a mafia member.  I know you might be thinking it must be a GTA clone.  Well its not.  This story takes place during the 1940’s and 50’s.  The demo starts in the 50’s.  The game looks awesome.  Every thing is clear and detailed.  The people look all most real.  Even their skin looks all most real.   As for game play it takes some getting used to.  Since the cars are old chunks of metal the are hard to steer.  You can’t just walk around with your gun out or point it at any one.  The cops are all over you.  Not to sure if this is a good thing.

The game looks very promising.  It will be out August 24, 2010.  If you get a change you should check out the demo.

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