MRI I had a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) today (Aug 4, 2010).  It was for my hip.  It was quite interesting.  I first had to go for an x-ray that was fine.  How ever next came out the needles and the die.  The first need was fine, really didn’t feel it that much.  The next need hurt a bit.  It was pushing die into the hip joint.  The worst part was they put a sandbag on my foot to keep my leg from moving.  That start to hurt after a bit because it held my hip at the angle were it hurts the most.

When that was done.  Went back to the MRI department.  They ask if your are claustrophobic.  Now I know why.  I have see this machines on TV and what not.  But when you are in there you are closed in pretty good and  are stuck in there for 20 minutes.  They give you a button the push if you need to talk to them.  The worst part of it was they taped my feet together.  So now my hip is at that angle again and stuck  like that for 20 plus minutes.  You are not allowed to move because it would screw up the image.

Now my hip hurt more now than going in.  Hope the results will tell me why it hurts so much and what to do about it.

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