Top Ground Gear Force

TGGF With series fifteen Top Gear starting soon (June 27).  I decided to check out some older shows.  Was on Wikipedia and they have a list of the specials one is called Top Ground Gear Force.  I remember a friend talking about this so I had to check it out.  It was made for the charity Sports Relief back in 2008.

This special is funny as hell.  They take over Sir Steve Redgrave’s garden to improve it with out him knowing.  As you might guess they mess it up big time but in funny and crazy ways.  When Jeremy comes out with a shotgun to weed part of the garden, I haven’t laugh that loud in a long time.

If you ever get a change to watch this.  Watch it you will bust a gut at the stupid but funny things they do.

You can see part one > here

part two > here

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