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Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer

Posted in Just something to say with tags , , , , , , , on June 3, 2010 by getbent57

Decided to give the multiplayer a go in Red Dead Redemption.  When I first bought the game I tried a private match just to what it was like.  Today I gave it a real try.  Entered free roam, then decided I would give one the team type matches a try.  It didn’t work saying some thinking like could not connect.  Went back to free roam and saw two other people on the map.  One guy was doing was doing a gang hide out thing.  So I went and helped him out.  Once we got all the bad guys out, he turns and shoots me then leaves the game.  A voice comes over the TV saying another player has a bounty on this head.  I was like ok, I’ll go see if I can kill him.  Went and did that.  He got pissed and kicked me out of the game, lol.

Loaded up in free roam again.  See a different guy in a gang hideout.  Go an help this guy out.  This guy was good fun.  We ended up playing a few more gang hideouts.  Going to try again to see what the other game types are like.  I think I will end up getting my ass kicked.  Have watched some of the live streams of the matches on RockStars Social Club.  These guys are crazy good.