Might Have A Stocker

Well not a real stocker (yet?).  Today before I went home from work I need to get gas for my Yamaha XT225.  Coming the other direction was another XT 225 just a different year.   They guy riding was looking at me.   I pull in to get some gas and I hear “Nice bike”.   Didn’t see who said it and kept filling up.  When I was done and paid.  Went around the building and there is the guy who just passed me going the other way.   I give him a nod.  I make a right hand turn he pulls out in front of me and starts doing wheelies.  While waiting for the light to turn green, the guy is looking at me in this mirror the hole time.  Once we get moving I turn my right signal light on and so does he.  Pull in to a parking lot.  He is looking back at me again.  Turn on left light on, he does the same.  Then he keeps going straight.  He is still looking back at me. I pretend to go straight but do a quick u-turn.  Take off back the way I came.  I bit creeped out.  If the guy want to talk why didn’t he just flag me over instead of being creepy.

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