Love The Beast Review

LoveTheBeast I remember seeing a trailer for the documentary Love the Beast a long time ago. Then after that Eric Bana was on Top Gear and talked about it.  Forgot all about it.  How ever I was on Amazon looking something up and this movie came up in one the my searches.  So I had to check it out.

If you are not sure what Love the Beast is.  It is a documentary about Eric Bana’s car he as owned for 25 years that he and his friends have worked on since they were teenagers.  This time they rebuild to be a full on race to to run in the Targa Tasmania.

Well this is interesting doc but it most definitely not for every one.  It for the car nuts for sure.  What I didn’t like about it is that if you watch the trailer you pretty much get all the story.  When he is talking to Jeremy Clarkson, that is pretty funny.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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