bribe I was bribed today, well short of.  I was cleaning the glass doors between the store I work in and the neighbouring store.  One of their works walked by saying “Will you clean ours windows to?”  I get this question asked about six times by different people every time I wash windows.   So I gave her the answerer I give to every one, “Sure why not.”   I was joking when I said it.   How ever she went to her boss saying that I was going to clean the windows.   He came over to me and handed me a hat and a t-shirt saying, “Are you going to clean the windows?”    I said, “No I was joking”.    He was like oh, here is the hat and t-shirt any way.   No I feel bad so I went and cleaned their out side windows any way.   It didn’t take be very long and I got a hat and t-shirt out of it.

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