Just Cause 2 Demo

JustCause2 Tired the Just Cause 2 demo today (March 5, 2010).  This is a really good demo get a good feel of the game.  One down side is it is a timed demo.  Not a fan of those.  They give you 30mins.  If you have played Mercenaries 2 it has very similar game play but much better.  In the demo there is lot to do.  Some of the cool things are.  You get a grapple gun that can hook on to pretty much any thing and pull you up.  The parachutes are a blast as well.  You can free fall, pull a chute, dump the chute, free fall again then pull a new chute out.

The demo is out for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 so every one should download it.  Its a fun demo for sure.

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