Food, Inc. Review

FoodInc After seeing  Food, Inc. talked about all over the place, I had to check it.  I do like a good documentary.  This one is good.  Some people were saying it was shocking.   Well not really.  If you don’t know that the meat in supermarkets and fast food places are massed produced and full of chemicals.  You must be living under a rock.  There were two things that I found “shocking”.  One is they wash chickens with ammonia.  That seems wrong to me.  The second is about soybeans.  I company has modified them.  So under law they own the beans.  So they go after people that try and save the seed and re-plant them.  If they end up in your field even thou you did not plant them.  The still go after you.  That is just crazy.

This is a good documentary.  If you are a die hard animal lover you might what to stay way.  There is not much new info IMO.  What it comes down to.  Money, cooperations and government.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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