Crank: High Voltage Review

crank 2 Been wanting to see Crank: High Voltage for awhile now since I liked the first one.  This one is way better than the first.  I has the same crazy over the top action and comedy, but turned way up.  This movie is very fast paced, the characters are crazy over the top and there are some really funny moments.  I liked this movie.  You have to suspend disbelief.  That is what it make it fun.  It has an R rating for a reason.  Lot of violence and what not.  That stuff is fine but the comedy makes this movie.  I haven’t seen any like this movie before.  Don’t want to give any of that stuff way.

This is a great movie if you suspend disbelief and just have fun watching it. Oh, and the comedy is pretty wacky.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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