PS3 Freezing Update Part 2

playstation3_thumb.jpgWell I tried every thing to fix my PS3 and nothing worked.  So I called Sony today.  Once I got past the press 1 for this option stuff.  I didn’t have to wait long for a real person to get on the line.  The best part was she spoke English.  I told her what was wrong.  She asked be some question and I asked some and that was pretty much it.  They are going to send me a box though Purolator in three to five business days.  They all so send me and email, which she said I might have to wait up to 24 hours.  I only at to wait half hour.  The email gives you a form to fill out and send back with the PS3.  The lady said all together it will cost $177.45.  Which doesn’t seem to bad. A lot cheaper than buying a new one.  I only hope they fix and send me back the same one, instead of giving me a new.  Since I have the the 60GB version.

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