PS3 Freezing

playstation3 My PS3 has decided to start freezing now.   The odd game would freeze.  That was know big deal.  Ever since I watched a Blu-ray movie and it froze my PS3 has not been the same since.  I let if sit for a day or so and put a game in and it work for awhile, then it froze.   I went out and bought one of compressed air cans hoping that would fix it.  That didn’t work.  So I did some internet searching and came across a video on YouTube that might help.  Going to give that a go.  If that works or doesn’t I’ll make and other post.

One Response to “PS3 Freezing”

  1. same thing with mine it plays everything execpt bluray im probally ganna send it to sony but it costs 177$ good luck

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