Smallville Season 8 Review

smallville Well Smallville season 8 wrapped up the other day (May 14, 2009).  I have to say this was a great season.  Wasn’t to sure how it was going to turn out after all the changes at the end of season 7.  They out did themselves.  They did so many cool things this season.   Don’t want to give any spoilers, so I will try my best not go give anything way.  The last show of the season end with some cliff hangers, well that’s a given.  What I like about this season was they brought closer to a lot of things.  Tying up loose ends is all ways good.

I have to say this was the best season of the show yet.  Here is to hoping season 9 is even better.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

One Response to “Smallville Season 8 Review”

  1. The season finale was a bit disappointing, but the show is great nonetheless.
    It was definitely a satisfying season

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