youtube-thumb.jpgI had a good laugh a few minutes ago.  Some one posted a comment on one of my YouTube videos.  This is what he said, I quote

“wow this video puts all trackers and their owners to shame…i mean do you really think that you were off roading?…you were on a dirt road wtf god you make me wish i didnt own a tracker so i wouldnt be associated with dipshits like youself!”

I laughed at first.  This is what makes the internet so great any one can be a tool and post what they want.   I deleted his post, don’t like being called a dipshit. LOL.  Thought about posting some stupid things on his YouTube page, but I don’t want to “feed the troll” or mess up my YouTube account.   How ever is any ones else wants to post something stupid on his page feel free.  Click here to go to his page.

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