JCVD Review

JCVD I had to check out JCVD after seeing the trailer and that there was some hype around this movie.  People have been comparing this to Mickey Rourke’s “come back” in The Wrestler.  Not to sure about that.  This a different Van Damme movie for sure.   It more about him as an actor and a real person then him just kicking people.  I love the look of the film.  It is very cool looking.  Not to sure how to describe this movie.  It is mostly a drama with some comedy with a little sprinkle of action.  It is a French film so that might throw some people off.

It is an ok movie.  If you are a big fan of Van Damme’s work from the 90’s this will be a big surprise.   It is a rent for sure.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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