Red Faction Guerrilla Demo

Xbox360owp_INTL3Party_temp.indd Tried the demo for Red Faction Guerrilla demo today.  Red Faction was the first game I bought when I got my PS2 many years ago.   So it is nice to see a new Red Faction game coming out.  This time around it is a 3rd person instead of a fps.  Of course you can break in the environment.  But this time every thing breaks.  The demo shows this off nicely.  They give you three weapons to start with a gun, sledgehammer and a remote bomb.  There is some thing cool about smashing stuff with the sledgehammer.  Things break about with lots of detail.  The demo is timed which sucks. They give you 10 minutes to finish the mission or you can do what I did go around and break stuff.  Once you die or run out of time you start from the beginning.  This game looks very promising.  Give the the demo a try for sure.

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