By Any Means 2

photos.jpgIt looks like Charley Boorman is make another By Any Means.  They are calling it BAM2 for short.  I read some where that he made of post on his Twitter page taking about it.  I am part way though the book By Any Means it is great.  Still waiting for the DVD to come out in North America.  His adventures are all ways awesome.

2 Responses to “By Any Means 2”

  1. This is just awesome. I’m a huge fan of Charley and Ewan and to see yet another great project with Charley is just amazing. I’ve seen all the documentaries I.E Long Way Down/Round, Race To Dakar and By Any Means so i just can’t wait till i see this one.

  2. WoW
    Charlie and at least 700 bikes and more onlookers gathered in the next street at Freshwater …northern beaches of Sydney to start the long trip north ….all the way to Russia via New Guinea, Indonesia and Japan
    I had my new GO PRO CAMERA BUT HAD THE WRONG SETTING SET AND MISSED EVERYTHING … Had a great view of the start with all the bikes passing by with my fish eye lense and should have got some great close ups
    …but set up was wrong and only managed 4 ordinary pics lol … DAMN
    Charlie even waved at the camera

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