Kyle XY Season 3 Review

kyle_xySeason three of Kyle XY ended Monday night (March 16, 2009).  It was a short season with only 10 episodes.  This was the best season yet.  The big let down is they are not making season 4.  Which sucks, but the ever bigger let down is the final episode ended with some great cliffhangers.  There is no closer.  Wasn’t too happy about that and I am not the only one.  I hope they bring back the show even if it only for one show or a TV movie just to tie things up.  Other than that big let down this season was awesome.

This was the best season yet.  How every they are not bring the show back for season 4.  The show ended with big cliffhangers so there is no closer.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

2 Responses to “Kyle XY Season 3 Review”

  1. I am soooo… upset that there is no season 4. I love the show so much…, I don’t think they can just leave the show hanging like that, with so many people who are the fans of the show devastated to see how the story ends???

    please who ever out there, the ABC Family… make the season four… 🙂
    if not this year, next year will be great…,, just please make it…
    Me and my friends Love the show so much, that we even knmow all the names and characters on the show…. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is so disaponting and what a heart breaking, that there is no season 4!!

  2. i was also really upset that they wrnt making a forth season but maybe…just maybe ..they cancled it to see how many poeple would make a fit and if enough poeple did then they would put it back on air idk those are just my thought but yeah i hope kyle xy never dies its helped me in many ways

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