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1987 Polaris Indy 400

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polaris_logo The Mark has is 1987 Polaris Indy 400 out for a spin yesterday (March 16, 2009).  He wanted me to get some pictures of him going a catwalk.  Managed to get a few shots.  One of them turned out really good.  He let me take it for a spin.  Lets start off, I have not been on a snowmobile in many, many years.  The first lap around was fine.  The next one on the other hand not so good.  Came around the corner and decided to give it a little more gas.  End up catching an edge and tipped the thing on its side.  Hanging on for dear life.  As I was slipping off, I ended up give it more gas.  Went a bit farther and then I fell off.  Good times LOL.