Watchmen Review

watchmen-poster I went to see the Watchmen last night.  I have been wanting to see this movie ever since I seen the first trailer over a year ago.  While wait for the movie to come out I picked up the graphic novel up so I would know what was going on.  The movie fallows the novel pretty much word for word.  They did leave some stuff out and a few details were changed but that is all right.  They can’t put every thing in.  How ever I am still surprised that they fallowed the novel so closely.  I am all so glad they didn’t dumb it down to make it PG13.  It is so much better as a R movie.  It has some of the most brutally fight scenes I have ever seen.  It was awesome.  The movie is long all most three hours long.  My guess it will be even long when the DVD comes out.

I loved this movie it has every thing that made the graphic novel awesome.  Not too sure if people who have know idea who or that the Watchmen are, are going to go see the movie.  And if they do see will the get it.  Either way it is a kick ass movie.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

3 Responses to “Watchmen Review”

  1. derricknation Says:

    Well for me, the film was everything that I expected to be. I didn’t care much about the story, even though I m a huge fan, because I already knew what Watchmen was about. I did not need to see the movie to understand that. I was just glad to see all the detail and wonderful cinematic effects of the movie. It was great to see the characters in something other than an illustration. Even though it was not the greatest thing in the world and will not replace the graphic novel at all.
    People need to take it for what it is. A movie.

  2. We found the squid from the comic book hidden in the movie!

    Check it out:

    Easter eggs for the win.

  3. […] Watchmen DVD Out July 21, 2009 So can’t wait to picked up the Watchmen DVD.  It will be out on July 21, 2009.  This is one of my all time favourite movies.  I plan to pick up the director’s cut version. It will add about 24 more minutes making it around 186 minutes long.  So that is round 3 hours.  I thought about buying the Blu-ray but changed my mind since my PS3 is not working right.  Once I get that fixed might buy the Blu-ray as well.  You can read my review of the movie when it was out in theatres here. […]

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