USB Flash Drive

UsbFlashDrive I picked up a new USB flash drive today.  They had a real good deal at Wal-Mart.  They have a 16 GB Duracell for $30.00.  Well in not really 16 GB its 14.9 GB but what ever.  All drives are like that they are never what they advertises.  They have come down in price a lot of the past few years.  I paid about $80 for the 64 MB one I bought about six years ago.  May be I should have bought two.

One Response to “USB Flash Drive”

  1. i bought one too. i am quite impressed by its apparent durability. i accidentally left it in my pant pocket today. i went out and when i came back later in the evening, i found out my wife had done the laundry and of course, my pants were included. when i opened the dryer, i found the usb drive, along with some loose change. when i plugged it in, my the data was still intact and fully accessible. there was no apparent physical damage to the drive and it came out smelling really clean.

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