Race To Dakar Book Review

race-to-dakar-by-charley-boorman.jpgI finished the Race To Dakar book last night and it was great.  I had watched the DVD at least four times.  What I like about the book and that goes for the other Charley Boorman adventure books is you get more detail.  They can only put so much on a DVD.  The chapters near the end are divided up between in the three guys racing.  Which is nice because you get to see their point of view.  You get more of what happened to Matt and how he got out of it. *Spoiler(he gets stranded in the desert)Spoiler*.  I can’t say enough good things to say about this book.  It is an awesome read.

I highly recommend ever one read this book as well as the books of Charley Boorman’s adventures.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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