The Batman/Superman Movie Review

batman-superman This is the second of the four Batman related DVD’s I bought the other day.  The Batman/Superman movie is really a three part episode from the Superman: The Animated series.  This was a good great team up of Batman and Superman.  And it was an even greater team up of the villains.  Of course Mark Hamill is awesome as the Joker.  The best part of the movie has to be Harley Quinn.  I love the Harley Quinn character.  I all so love the voice of the actress (Arleen Sorkin) when she says “Mr. J”.   The funniest part is when Harley Quinn gets into a cat fight with Mercy Graves.  She is Lex Luthor’s sidekick.  This is movie is a bit old now but still holds up.

This is a great team up of Batman and Superman for the from the cartoons shows form the 90’s

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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