Max Payne Review

MaxPayne I am so glad I waited for the DVD of Max Payne to come out.  “Why?” you might say.  Well this movie is bad, as in skip it, don’t watch, no good.  I know it is based of the video game of the same name so there for it has to be bad.  Well that’s not the reason why its bad.  It is no good because the story is boring and cliché.  A cops wife and child are murdered.  So he is on a missions to find out why.   I watch these types of movies for the cool shoot outs.  Whey they are pretty bad too and why too short.  There some small cool scenes but just watch the trailer and you will see them all.

This is a pass.  Don’t bother watching.

2 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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