New Pot Of Gold

potofgold Lets get this out of the way.  The new Pot of Gold suck.  Like a lot of people around Christmas buy or receive a box.  For the past few years they had a blue box out called the Truffle Collection.  Which was my very favourite because I like every one in the box.  There was no gross ones.   Well this year the changed the box.  So I was like, well things change no big deal.  They I found out there is no longer a Truffle Collection.   Now it is called Excellence Fine Chocolates & Truffles.  Again I was, well things change.   When I opened the box I was shocked.  They complete changed them.   They are a lot smaller and dull looking.  They all so taste like shit.  Was not happy at all.  I am going to write a complaint to Hershey.   I know I am not the only one that is not happy.   I am not going to buy another Pot of Gold box of chocolates again.

3 Responses to “New Pot Of Gold”

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  2. I agree, the new pot of gold chocolates taste like shit. What were they thinking? It almost feels like a ploy to get people to buy more of them if they bring back the old ones.

  3. Pot of Crap Says:

    Have to agree they moved the factory from Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada to Mexico. I emailed the company and received my 6 $ back today and will not be buying another box.

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