Midnight Club: LA Rides

midnightclub.jpgOne the cool things you can do in Midnight Club: LA is take pictures of your rides and upload them to Rockstars Games Social Club.  So I decide to give it a try.  Only took  three pictures.  The bike looks much different now.  It has a new tank, rear end and wheels.  The Camaro has a bit of work done to it.  I forget what the 3rd car is.  Doesn’t look that great, but it is suped up.  LOL

One Response to “Midnight Club: LA Rides”

  1. I have the PS3 version. How ever it should be the same. Press Start then move the right analog stick. Options will show up to take pictures. It is the X button on the Playstation so it must be the A button on the Xbox. To get your pictures online you need to sign up at Rockstar’s game Social Club .

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