Another Bad Driver Story

bad-driver.jpgOk, here is another bad driver story.  You see all kinds of crazy things in the parking lot were I work.  Lets set the scene.  There is a newish Hyundai Elantra parked next to a four door GMC truck.  A lady gets into the truck.  As she pulls away, she turns right and ends up hitting the car.  She keeps driving a bit more and peels off the cars front bummer.  Now she stops.  A guy comes over and talks to her.  Then she gets back in the truck and drives some more scrapping and peeling the bummer even more.  Once she was free, she stops.   I thought she was going to drive away for a minutes.  She doesn’t.  Parks the truck and goes in side to find the owner of the car.  It turns out the own was on his way to take is car to the dealer to a check up.  It looks like he is going to need more then a check up.

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