Resistance 2 Beta

resistance2beta A little while back I singed up to be in the Resistance 2 beta.  Well today I received an email giving me a code for the public beta.  I was like this is pretty cool.  As it was downloading, I went online to check out if any one had any info.  It looks like a lot of people got a code too.   It didn’t take to long to download.  I was shocked because it is about 2GB’s.  When I went to try it out, I kept getting errors.  The servers were jammed.  So after supper I tried again.  Tried a team deathmatch first.  That was pretty crazy.  I think it was 10 on 10.  The graphics have much improved over the first game.  Next I tried a co-op.  That was different.  The goal is to fight wave at wave of bad guys by working as a team.  I was the medic.  So I had to try and keep the team alive.  I didn’t do a too good of a job.  Had some guy yelling at me, lol.  I’ll have try it again when I have more time.

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