Finely Got Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Wal-Mart finely had Midnight Club: LA in today.  I only got to played an hour and half so far.  It looks great that’s for sure.   The map is huge.  And it seems a lot hard then the last game.  Or it could just me not being good at games.  There are police chase this time around.  When they first came after me, a pop-up saying out mover them and you can get away.  Well I tried for 7 minutes and ended up getting arrested.  The fine was $1,300.00, there goes all the money I had won.  To get around this I found a tip on a message board.  I’ll have to give it a try.

1. Pause the game and enter the Race Editor
2. Press “Select” to go into Layout mode
3. fly to where you want
4. exit the race editor.

I’ll have a full review once I had more time to play.

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