Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow Review

Next_Avengers_-_Heroes_of_Tomorrow_Coverart I had now idea that Next Avengers was coming out.  This movie continues the Marvel animated movies straight to DVD.  According to Wikipedia it is the fifth in the series.  Not sure what the fourth one was.  I know they have two Ultimate Avengers and an Iron Man DVD.

Ok, back to the Next Avengers.  It takes place in the future where most of the Avengers are dead.  How ever some of them had kids.  This kids are protect by an older Tony Stark.  Not to give to much way.  They team up to take out Ultron who killed of The Avengers.

This DVD is pretty good.  The animation is much different then the past movies.  It has more of a Saturday morning feel.  That’s not a bad thing.  This one is more aimed that the kids.  But I like it any way.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

One Response to “Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow Review”

  1. I like a lot of kids animation because it is filled with good guys and bad guys and you can sit back and enjoy the fun. however I had a hard time doing that in this case.

    I felt as though they crushed on the originals for no other reason than to launch these juvenile wanna-bes.

    Anyway. here is my take on it with lots of pics and a few bits if wit if you are interested:

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